Spiritual Soup

From 2016 to 2019 Wendy James & Jewels Rafter had their radio show.Enjoy the replays of educational and interesting topics here!

Every week Wendy & Jewels discussed various topics about spirituality, being professional psychics, life, health & more. They had interesting and qualified guests joining in the discussions a from time to time as well.


The Art Of Patience
A Spirited Discussion - Guest Charity Minton
Carpe Diem

Watch What You Wish For
Pendulums, Tarot & More
Expectations In Relationships
2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back
What Would You Do?
Move On
How To Use Gratitude As A Tool
Self-Intoxication, Power Trips & Control Issues
Maintain Balance
Let's Talk About Sex
Express Yourself

Too Nice For Too Long - What Bothers Me - Vent Session 101

The Power Of Music
Godspeak - How To Talk To The Universe
Living In The Now - Guest: Dave Summerton
Creating Energetic Connections - Guest Blanche Childs
Relationships - Guest Daryl Morgan Gomberg

Don't Lose Yourself
The Procrastination Equasion - Guest Charity Minton
Ghosts & Things That Go Bump In The Night
Jamaica & Maximizing Your Vacation
Follow Your Passion
Bring In The New Year Energetically
Pay It Forward
Right Where You Are Supposed To Be
The Value Of Awakening
How The Seasons Affect Us
Age Is Just A Number
Being Present And In The Moment
Me Time
How To Build Confidence & Self-Love In Youth - Guest: Dr. Samone
Allowing Yourself To Say "No"
Intuitive Connections With Animals
How To Remain Positive Around Toxic People - Guest: Mark Troy
Natural Remedies And Kitchen Witchery
The Adventures Of An Everyday Psychic - Guest: Bonnie Thompson
Making A Conscious Decision

The Power Of Perception - Guest: Elaine Johnston
Being Present In The Moment
Ethics & Etiquette Of Seeing Psychics
Mass Consciousness & The Collective Mind - Guest: Matthew Stapley
How Meditation Can Transform Your Life
Death & Dying

Hope - Guest: Daryl Gomberg
Life Coaching
Good Vs. Evil
Negativity - Guest: Blanche Childs
Ways Some People React When Meeting A Psychic - Guest: Lena Morton
Be Yourself
Clearing Emotional Clutter

Animal Totems & Spirit Animals
Criptids, Dragons & Fairies, Oh My! - Guests: Connie Adams & Rene Beaupre
Self Sabotage - Guest: Matthew Stapley
The Importance Of Maintaining Our Sensual Self
Clearing & Cleansing Toxicity
Labyrinths - Guest: BJ Mosher
Interview With A Psychic
Ghost Stories, Legends & Lore - Guest: Connie Adams

Full Moon Madness
Gods & Goddesses
How Well Do You Know Your Best Friend?
Spiritual Rituals In Our Every Day Lives - Guest: Linda Babulic
Long Distance Healing, Psychic & Energy Work
Divination Tools
Various Ways To Receive Messages - Guest: Mark Troy
Past Lives & Reincarnation

Clips from some of these shows and more can be heard on Sound Cloud: CLICK HERE
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                    Radio shows produced by: Beacon of Light Radio
                         Thank you Charity, Jennifer & Susan!