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All 3 of the Luvdragons psychics join together weekly to create their info-variety talk radio show. Your psychics Blanche Childs, Daryl Gomberg & Wendy James bring you thought provoking, stimulating and fun entertainment weekly.                    (First episode: August 2018)

Every Friday at 6pm EST 3pm Pacific

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About your hosts:

Blanche Childs
is a practicing psychic with decades of experience under her belt. Her life experiences have allowed her to pull knowledge from all realms of life, providing insight and real life examples of moving mountains. Gifted psychic and medium, healer, spiritual adviser and wise woman.

Daryl Gomberg
is an avid student of all things metaphysical and spiritual. He is a frank and direct straight shooter who does not hold back. He has a yearning to share his lifetime of knowledge and experiences with his audience. A natural psychic and teacher Daryl prefers to teach versus read for individuals for their own empowerment.

Wendy James
has been a professional international psychic for over 25 years. Luvdragons Ourhour is her second weekly radio show. (see link for Spiritual Soup) Wendy has studied many tools and techniques of divination, energy work, manifestation, psychological and spiritual develpoment. She brings an interest to expand every day through inquiry and exchange.

                "We are excited to jump in and have fun each week with all of you!."                        
                          ~ Wendy James, Blanche Childs & Daryl Gomberg

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  • Ghost Encounters _ Part 1
    This is an interesting show. As it progresses your hosts dig deeper into whether or not some families have more spirit experiences than others.
  • Self-Love
    In this show all 3 of your hosts each brought a topic to the table. As the show concluded they realized the topics intersect to an over all awareness of self-love.
  • Happy New Year's Resolutions?
    Blanche & Wendy talk about New Year's traditions and resolutions. They veer into manifestation and intentions plus the quality of your thoughts. Enjoy!
  • Embarrassment
    What is embarrassment and what happens to us when it is going on? Daryl, Blanche & Wendy look deeper into the definition of it and more. Enjoy!
  • Where Ever You Go, There You Are
    Being fully present, quieting the chatter of the mind and how to work with children to help them become more fully present. Blanche, Wendy and Daryl were joined By Mary Beth, a teacher, who gives a really good look from and educators perspective.
  • Do The Work
    Daryl Gomberg & Wendy James are joined on this show by a very special guest. 5 year old Will who speaks frankly and from his heart about this important topic. This is by far our most favorite show to date! Enjoy!
  • Animal Sensitivities
    Blanche and Wendy talk about the amazing animal kingdom and how animals are tuned in to perception and intuition beyond measure.
  • The Psychic Industry
    In this program Blanch Childs & Wendy James talk about lots of interesting tid-bits regarding the psychic industry. It is informative and interesting.
  • A Perspective of Perspective
    In this show Wendy pits Blanche & Daryl against one another in random debate to show what having to look at things from another perspective changes in you. This was a fun ad playful show. We learned more about hotdogs and their presentation than anyone could have expected!
  • The Power Of Positivity
    Your 3 hosts discussed ways to increase positivity in your life. How a negative attitude affects others. How walking through like being mindful of your positive attitude can make your entire life better, healthier and how it rubs off on others.
  • To Care Or Not To Care... That Is The Question
    In this program your 3 hosts talk about when to pull back and when to pour on care.It was a spirited discussion due to the passionate nature of the topic. There were tornadoes and a power outage at the time of the show as well in Ottawa that night. Fun!
  • You Get What You Give
    In this show Daryl, Blanche & Wendy talk about the power of intention, self-love, personal responsibility and more. There is a touch of teletubbies oddly in there too!
  • By The Seat Of Our Pants
    Blanche & Wendy fly by the seat of their pants this time minus Daryl. The ladies went free form to see where the conversation took them. The results were interesting and entertaing spanning from bullying to passion and more.
  • Body Language
    What an interesting topic. We scratched the surface of this very complex subject. Enjoy!
  • Why Do People Lie?
    This was our first show! The 3 of us enjoyed it so much. Thank you for following Luvdragons all these years!
  • Reaction Vs. Response
    In this program we had quite a few technical difficulties. A portion of the show was successfully recorded and at the end you can hear our entire shows theme music. Enjoy!